Remote Healing with Mindy Cohen PT, CST

What is remote healing?

Remote or Distance healing is a wholistic approach used to identify and resolve physical, emotional or spiritual issues/problems with the guidance of a trained practitioner without the limitations of time and space. A remote healing facilitator holds a therapeutic presence and includes the client in their awareness with the intention of supporting and helping the client tap into their own inner healing resources. The recipient feels met, held, recognized and witnessed. When performed without agenda, remote healing can be an efficient and powerful therapeutic tool.

How does remote healing work?

Where you focus your awareness affects your energy and physical matter.

We spend a good portion of time avoiding ourselves.  We distract from our pain and problems with TV, phones, the news, Facebook, Instagram, sleep and alcohol, among other clever methods. When we are not present and addressing our issues, it is difficult, if not impossible to affect meaningful change.

Conversely, when a body notices itself, it can create change. Sometimes, people need support, education or guidance in identifying their problems and then in tuning into their innate healing forces to allow deep shifts in their internal landscape.

We all sense energy in ourselves and other people.

Everything in the universe is energy.  Your body is energy, these words are energy, the sound of your voice is energy and even the space between us is energy. Many people feel “vibes” or “vibrations” from others around them and in doing so, they are sensing energy. 

We can also sense energy in ourselves.  Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, one of Hinduism’s foremost ministers, coined the phrase, “Where awareness goes, energy flows.”  When awareness is brought and held in specific locations in the body, this is energy in action, as the attention helps the energy to move.  

When you include another in your attention, profound shifts can result.

An effective hands-on body worker connects deeply with a client using skillful, intuitive touch with a healing intention to create changes in physical structures and to facilitate increased body awareness. Similarly, a distance healing practitioner also connects deeply, however energetically, with the same intention. 

In distance healing, the practitioner senses your energy and may offer options in directing your awareness to different parts of your body through dialogue. Sometimes using “energetic hands” to help focus awareness with greater specificity.

The effect is that the client is empowered to heal herself through accessing her own inner healing resources with guidance and support. In this way, the client’s awareness is changing the energy flow in her body. 

How does a remote healing provider sense energy in another person?

Scientists who study quantum physics have described a “unified field” where time and distance are not required to define reality.  In The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, he explains that the laws of subtle energies are different than those that describe physical reality.  These are tough concepts to grasp unless you have experienced altered states of consciousness where you have transcended the limits of space and time.  Simple awareness or the field of intelligence is non-local and contains all of the phenomena in the world.  People in an expanded stated of awareness intuitively know that physical distance does not limit healing interactions.  

You may have had connections or experiences with a friend or loved one that seem “telepathic” where you “sensed “ what was happening with that person.  In much the same way, a distance healing provider can “sense” the energy in a client to help guide them in their process.

What can I expect from a remote healing session?

We start by setting an intention.

It is important that you are are open to receiving the work, although it is not necessary that you believe in it.  Once we have connected online and have established our time frame, I will explain how the session will work and how it can be beneficial to change our perception of linear time and space to open up to new possibilities.  Then, I will ask you if you have a certain issue or place in your body that you are hoping work on or if you would like us to scan through your body together.  In our shared healing space, I will start to receive information about your energy and may ask questions to clarify and verify your experience as well.  

You will be guided in sensing and noticing your body and field.

Due to my years of practice with different levels of awareness, accessing my intuition and sensing energy, I may notice areas in your body that you are not yet feeling.  That’s OK and expected because that is the reason you are seeking my help in identifying and figuring out the puzzles in your body. Together we will collaborate, in navigating the areas of concern in your field.  

Every session is a unique experience

You may feel different sensations in your body including, but not limited to, relaxation, tension, expansion, increase flow, heat, coolness, movement, stillness, visual stimuli such as colors, shapes or memories, greater physical ease, calmness, increased clarity or even auditory experiences.  

You control the rate and pace and can stop at any time.  At any point during the session, you can ask questions, be quiet, keep your eyes open or closed, sit or lie down.  

How will I feel afterwards?

After the session you may want to rest, go for a walk, drink water, eat food, write in your journal, take a bath or do something else that feels nurturing and allows for integration. Alternatively, you may have more energy, greater clarity or a change in emotional state. Distance healing is often subtle work that has extraordinary effects and it is important to respect the depth of your transformation.

If you have further questions or would like to schedule a session with Mindy, Please call 802-999-7101 or email