How can I benefit from holistic therapies? 

CranioSacral Therapy and other holistic modalities help reduce stress in the central nervous system and other body systems. By complementing the bodies natural healing mechanisms, holistic therapies can help people find an alleviation or management of acute and chronic symptoms.  This integrated approach has been shown to be highly effective in reducing dysfunctions and symptoms associated with stress such as head, neck or back pain, insomnia, headaches and TMJ problems. Other people have found symptomatic relief from conditions such as whiplash, torn muscles, strains, sprains, tendinitis, muscle spasms, migraines, tinnitus, neurological dysfunctions, spinal injuries, fibromyalgia and other connective tissue disorders.  Children respond very well to CranioSacral therapy and have been helped with challenges associated with reflux, torticollis, colic, birth trauma and developmental disorders, among many others. 

Baby being treated with CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY

Are there any contraindications to CST?

Generally, CranioSacral Therapy is so light that it is safe to use for people of all ages including the elderly, children, babies and newborns, however, it is not recommended when changes in the intracranial pressure are contraindicated such as acute aneurysm, cerebral hemorhage or some extreme bleeding disorders. 

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone responds differently to treatment. The number of sessions needed will be different from one individual to the next. It is recommended to arrange a few sessions in a row to assist your body in releasing restrictive patterns.  Occasionally, people come in twice a week for a few weeks, but most people come once a week for 3-8 sessions. Others come every other week, once a month or once a year.  While I can give you feedback on what types of changes I am noticing in your body, you are the ultimate judge of your progress. When you notice positive changes, the frequency and/or number of sessions you need will become clear to you.

With severe or chronic conditions, many people have found great benefit in receiving an Intensive treatment program. This allows a person to receive sessions bi-weekly for several consecutive weeks (see the bottom of this page). This is an excellent way to get to the root cause of your dysfunction. 

How is a session performed?

Clients are fully clothed during a session, except most people take off their shoes. It is best to wear comfortable clothing on the day of your treatment. Most people lie on their back during the session while I sit next to their head, mid-section, legs or feet. I will be placing my hands on various parts of their body, sometimes underneath their back or holding their arm or leg and will be using a very light touch. Most people close their eyes. Sometimes I talk with people during the session, other times we are silent for the entire session. 

What might I experience during a session?

Everyone experiences a session differently and your experience from one session to the next may also be different. Some feel deep relaxation, heat, coolness, greater range of movement, less pain, improved sense of well being or relief that they can finally take in a full breath of air. Others may feel nothing at all or feel like they were in a deep sleep. Some may talk a lot during the session, recalling past life events or releasing emotions. Some people may lie still for the entire session, while others may feel the need to move their body and they are encouraged to do so.  

What will I experience after a session?

After a session you may feel relaxed or you may feel very energized. You may notice a decrease in pain or it may take a few days to feel the release. For some, there may be a period where the body is re-organizing itself as it adapts to the letting go of unhealthy patterns. Some people may even notice improvement a few weeks after their session. I recommend that people drink plenty of water after a session and listen to the needs of your body. 

What are your rates?

Individual sessions

Standard sessions: 50 minutes is $135.

Extended session: 80 minutes is $195.

Intensive packages

We live in a stressful, chaotic world that leaves little time for self care and self healing. Give yourself the gift of an intensive program to dive deep into your healing process and enhance overall health and well being. Receiving multiple sessions over a short period of time can foster radical vulnerability, self realization and deep healing.

Intensive packages offer a reduced rate for purchasing multiple sessions in advance. Intensive packages are designed for clients to dive deep into their wellness journey and therefore are intended for sessions twice weekly in consecutive weeks. Payment is expected at time of booking appointments. In preparation for an intensive, it is recommended to read Your Inner Physician and You by Dr. John Upledger.

Intensive Packages1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
2 standard sessions$255$510$750$1000
2 extended sessions$370$730$1,090$1,200

Cancellation Policies

For individual sessions: If cancellation is received within 24 hours of session the client will be charged the cost of the session. In the case of emergency or illness, cancellation fee will be waived.

For Intensive Packages: A full refund of payment amount will be issued if cancellation is received prior to 1 week before the start of the first session.  If cancellation is received within one week of start of first session, a 10% fee will be retained. Once the program has begun, individual sessions can be rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice with no charge. If less than 24 hours notice is provided, then the session will be forfeited.

If you have further questions, please contact me. I would be delighted to speak with you.