“What a wonderful experience it has been doing CranioSacral Therapy with Mindy. Our whole family of five has been to see her and we are all feeling much better and moving more freely through the world.”

–Jodie Casarico, Shelburne, VT


“Mindy Cohen is a highly skilled and talented physical Therapist who has been instrumental in my healing process following a neck and upper back injury. I have greatly enjoyed working with Mindy and would confidently recommend her services to others.”

— Sara L. Broadwell, Plattsburgh, NY

“I have been living with temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) for 31 years. Throughout the years, I have seen a neurologist, a chiropractor, oral surgeon, orthodontist and a TMJ specialist. I had surgery on the left side of my jaw, braces twice and currently wear a splint. I have gone to physical therapy twice. I was at the point where chewing was painful and headaches were a daily occurrence. A good friend suggested I schedule an appointment with Mindy Cohen. My sessions with Mindy were wonderful. My spouse even noticed the change. Seeing Mindy was a door opening to a pain free life!” 

— Lisa Durkee, Montpelier, VT

Working with Mindy has changed my life. This is a big statement and true. She has a great way of facilitating my healing while being totally respectful. She is a wealth of knowledge coupled with an extremely sensitive sense of intuition. She is a rare healer. Work with her if you are able. You will not be disappointed.

— Mark Winer


“…I believe Mindy’s work has played a part in decreasing my depression. When Dr. Balaban referred me, I was having a difficult time even talking about my distress with him. His suggestion to me was that I wouldn’t have to talk when I came to visit you. That was pretty appealing. Nevertheless, my experience of you has been so kind, gentle and nonjudgmental that I have been able to talk about things that I experience and feel things that I experience in a very basic way. There is something about your encouragement to me to experience in my body and to pay attention to how things feel in my body that has made me realize that my body can provide information to me about how to proceed.  I believe has made a difference in my feeling improved. 

— T.T., Upstate New York 

“After sustaining a serious shoulder injury, I worked with Mindy doing CranioSacral Therapy which enabled me to avoid surgery or more invasive techniques to heal my shoulder.” 

— Faye Baker, Burlington, VT 

“Working with Mindy doing, CranioSacral Therapy, helped me recognize the inseparable paths of the mind, emotions, body and spirit. I came to her with only physical rejuvenation in mind, but as we began to look more closely at my obstacles, CranioSacral Therapy opened my senses to an intuitive, self-directed approach to finding where exactly I am on this path to healing and myself.” 

— Henrik Herb, Middlebury, VT 

“Mindy has a keen ability to tune in to a body. Her sensitive, knowing hands quickly discover areas of tension or old emotions and help clients to release them from the body. Through Mind’s eye-opening work, I have learned the origin of some of my patterns and have made constructive changes.”

— Kelly Kaeding, Acupuncturist, Burlington, VT

“In order for healing to occur, it must be multi-dimensional, meaning healing on all levels of ones being. Mindy has the ability to help her clients achieve that goal. For me that meant fewer migraines and significantly less dependency on migraine pain relievers.” 

— Mary Santor, South Hero, VT 

“Mindy’s work has made a gigantic difference to my health and in my life. For years, I have been limited by migraines until I saw her for CranioSacral Therapy. I received pain relief after the very first visit, and ongoing therapy significantly reduced their occurrence, severity and duration. I am back in the world again!” 

–Patricia Sweeney, Burlington, VT 


“Mindy Cohen has guided me through the deepest inner journeys to help allow and create both physical and emotional healing.” 

–Jeremiah Regimbald, Castleton, VT 

“I suffered an arm injury at work and Mindy Cohen was referred to me by another physical therapist. CranioSacral Therapy facilitated healing in my arm and my soul.” 

— Daryl Wyzomirski, Clifton Park, NY