Why Choose Telehealth Instead of Hands-On Bodywork?

By Mindy Cohen, PT, CST on June 10, 2020

It works.

The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery showed that virtual physical therapy can be just as effective as therapy provided in-person for specific diagnoses and treatments.  The study found that with treatment of total knee arthroplasty, patient recovery was comparably as effective as customary rehab provided in a clinic.  Another study in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Journal, found that PT provided through telehealth was similarly effective as in-person treatment for osteoarthritis, low-back pain, multiple sclerosis and certain conditions receiving cardiac/pulmonary rehab.  

Attending to your self can be more effective due to it’s high degree of specificity

You are the expert on you. No one else knows what it feels like to be you. That’s why you are the best person to pay close attention to yourself. When a body notices itself, it can change. Sometimes people need support and guidance to be with difficult sensations in their bodies. Sometimes people have trouble identifying or discerning what they are feeling.

With virtual treatment, you receive guidance and education in your anatomy and physiology and, in the end, you are in control of the rate and pace of the process. No one else can make you heal. It is your attention and openness that allows the shift. When you focus on the dysfunctional parts of yourself, with a healing intention, your condition can make a profound turn around.

You will feel a sense of personal empowerment

All humans are born with an innate healing mechanism that helps them recover from disease, injury or surgery and they grow personally and spiritually from the process. Medical providers prescribe a variety of treatments and your inner healing resources must integrate the interventions provided.

Occasionally, people get stuck and acute conditions become chronic. Barriers to healing can come in the form of physical restrictions, abnormal muscular patterns, emotional blockages and erroneous beliefs. Our work together may help increase self awareness of your issues that limit growth and healing. Once we have identified your impediments to moving with ease and freedom, we can work to support your inner healing forces to bring you back to a state of well being. 

By attending to yourself with focused guidance, it is easier to take ownership of your power to heal because you feel it happen as you pay attention. Ultimately, a remote provider supports and guides you in healing yourself and then your trust in your own healing mechanism grows. With this knowing, you gain a sense of empowerment that your body has what it needs inside to heal what is broken or diseased. When you manage your own care at home, you also gain a sense of independence that puts you more in control of your healing process. 

It is more convenient.

This one is obvious. You don’t have to leave your house. Virtual health saves time and gas and enables you to be more efficient your busy schedule. It’s super easy to stay home, connect with a skilled provider and feel the safety and support of your home as you attend to the deeper parts of you.

Receiving instruction in exercises right where you will practice your program independently allows a therapist the ability to offer guidance on using equipment or using different features in your home.  You have the opportunity get real time assistance in your own environment.

You likely to get to the root of your problem for long lasting results

When you work on a holistic level, you address the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of yourself. When you take the time to truly attend to yourself, your inner healing resources are more accessible. The answers to your problems are coming from within you.

Often times, people with chronic problems are running from one doctor to the next trying to find someone else to fix their specific problem; some doctors helping a little and some not at all. With distance work, you are the best person to address your particular concern and when you finally do so, the results are amazing.

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